02-05-2016: One Hell Of A Blice 4
One Hell Of A Blice 3The release of the 4th part of One Hell OF A Blice took a little bit longer than scheduled. Unfortunately there were a lot of unforeseen circumstances. Breakfast, traffic jams..That kind of stuff (just kidding, see S05E01 from the dutch tv show Idols). Anyway, good things come to those who wait once again. The moment is there... Prepare yourself before you hit that play button for 80 minutes of twerking, jumping, fistpumping.. Aka 80 minutes of party with part 4.. One Hell Of A Blice! 4. Available for free download through www.djblice.com/ohoab.
Don't feel embarrassed to resell this party tape to your friends, to share it with your family or to give it as a present on a burned cd on mother's Day. For the real enthusiasts hardcopies will follow in a limited edition. Enough talking, enough reading.. Imma let you finish but One Hell Of A Blice 4 is the greatest party tape of all time..OF ALL TIME!




08-10-2014: Freestyle Fantastic (2.0)
Freestyle Fantastic Friday October 17th it's time for the second edition of Freestyle Fantastic at Beats Purmerend. Line-up includes The Darkraver, Marlicious, Blice and Nick White. Of course there also will be Fantastic Freestyle entertainment! Prepare Yourself for a night with "The Harder Styles". For more info check the Facebook event page here.
Freestyle Fantastic (2.0)
Friday 17-10-2014
Time: 23:00 - 04:00
Beats Purmerend









10-10-2014: News Update
As you may have noticed it's been a while since the last update at the news section on the website. Sorry fans! Of course Blice didn't forget you. Today the website is updated with all the news you actually couldn't miss! Stay in touch for future updates (on time)!


07-09-2014: One Hell Of A Blice 3
One Hell Of A Blice 3Time to break radio silence! A bit later than announced (the batteries of the brand-new tear calendar appeared to be empty for weeks already).Though your patience will be rewarded! Time for some madness with a brand new One Hell Of A Blice, Pt 3! You are kindly requested to remove your tents in front of Blice's door now and hurry up to www.djblice.com/ohoab… Ready?! Party in 3, 2, 1!!!




15-08-2014: One Hell Of A Blice…Announcement!
One Hell Of A Blice 3With august on it's half today, the summer of 2014 is unavoidably reaching it's end. Without a doubt a lot of beautiful days are yet to come, but the holidays, the beaches, the festivals, that's almost done. Fortunately there's a change to reminisce and celebrate the start of a new crazy indoor party season. At Monday the first of September it's time for part 3 in the One Hell Of A Blice series…One Hell Of A Blice 3! Of course it will be available as a free download! Like to listen back to part 2 in the meantime? Here you go: www.djblice.com/ohoab.



14-07-2014: Electronic Picnic 2014 Pics!
Electronic Picnic last Saturday was a blast! In case you missed it check out a few of the party pics made by Blice's photographer down here.
Blice Blice Blice
Blice Blice Blice
Blice Blice Blice


02-06-2014: Electronic Picnic 2014
Electronic PicnicSaturday the 12th of July it's time for Electronic Picnic at Leeghwaterpark Purmerend (NL). Line-up includes Billy The Kit, Gregor Salto, Girls Love Dj's, Dyna and much more. Of course you'll find Blice at the BEATS area! Tickets are still available at http://www.electronicpicnic.nl!




12-05-2014: Stay updated
Did you know that besides this crazy place you can find Blice at other places at the web as well?
Stay updated and follow Blice at:
- http://www.facebook.com/djblice
- http://www.twitter.com/djblice
- https://soundcloud.com/djblice
- http://www.youtube.com/djblice


19-02-2014: Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa - Young, Wild & Free (Blice Yoloton Mix)
Young, Wild & FreeAs is well known Blice is all about making you have a good time. The best tracks, the tastiest drinks and the craziest crowd makes you leave with just one thought: "One Hell Of A Blice!". Every night, over and over. And that's just the great idea behind Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa's collaboration released back in 2011: Young, Wild & Free.
To keep the crazy nights going Blice decided to give this classic a little update: Check out the result in what became a crazy party bootleg: Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa - Young, Wild & Free (Blice Yoloton Mix) Available for free download at the downloads page!



30-12-2013: Countdown to 2014
2014 CountdownWith just a few hours to go we're almost at the end of 2013. What a year it was! Blice was lucky to do countless gigs this year again, both nationally and internationally, from the smallest bars at places you didn't know they existed to the most crazy venues, a lot of bootlegs and remixes from various artists and last but not least: the release of One Hell Of A Blice 1 and 2! A bit of what to expect for 2014: At least part 3 and 4 of One Hell Of A Blice will be released as well as some original tracks. Blice wants to thank everyone who visited a gig last year(s), listened to and/or shared his music or supported Blice in any way whatsoever. All the best for 2014 and have a great NYE!


21-12-2013: One Hell Of A Blice 2!
One Hell Of A Blice 2Tell your grandma, tell you bff, tell everyone…It's there! One Hell Of A Blice 2! More than one hour of House, R&B, Reggaeton, 90's, Moombahton, Swingbeat, and Hardstyle! Mixed by Blice. Listen and/or download it now at www.djblice.com/ohoab.





16-12-2013: One Hell Of A Blice 2! Release Party!
One Hell Of A Blice 2 With the holidays coming up, including all the fun and cosiness, we decided last minute to make everything even more crazy…This friday you can go the sickest and best release party of your life at Beats Purmerend! You'll have a exclusive change to get 1 of the 100 free One Hell Of A Blice 2 c.d.'s (download release is one day later at 21-12-2013) And if that ain't crazy enough…entrance is free! Be there!
One Hell Of A Blice 2! Release Party
Friday 20-12-2013
Time: 23:00 - 04:00
Free entrance!
Beats Purmerend







26-11-2013: Countdown to One Hell Of A Blice 2!
One Hell Of A Blice 2 Yess!...All Party Animals, Dancing Queens and Celebrators prepare!
Block your calendar because the 21th of December is the day: One Hell Of A Blice 2! Part 2 of the already famous party tape!





30/09/2013: BCM Mallorca Reunion
BCM Mallorca Reunion 2013 The days are getting shorter, the temperatures lower and the calendar only gets thinner. But there is a bright spot at the horizon! This Friday the BCM Mallorca Reunion will take place at The Sand, Amsterdam. Expect to see all of your fellow holidaymakers, bar staff and tour guides and go crazy for one last night. Also your favorite Mallorca dj's will be here this night: Jim (Heeren van Amstel), S-Lee (Heeren van Amstel & Beachhouse), Genairo Nvilla (Dirty Dutch, Mysteryland, Solar) and of course..Blice! The evening starts at 23:00 and ends at 05:00. Tickets are available through facebook.com/mallorcareunion, Ticketscript, Free Record Shop and for a little more at the door. See you this Friday!






26/09/2013: Stromae - Papaoutai (Blice's Moombah Mix)
Papaoutai (Blice's Moombah Mix) Today Blice released his latest bootleg: Stromae - Papaoutai (Blice's Moombah Mix). Papaoutai, the single from the Belgian singer-songwriter Stromae is listed for weeks in both domestic and international chars lists. Blice's bootleg from Stromae has been played for several weeks already by different dj's and is now finally available for free download. Check Blice's bootleg in a new energy-full, moombahton kind of version. The track is like all Blice Bootlegs available for free download at: http://www.djblice.com/downloads and can be seen at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhAuMrfaQ5A.


05/09/2013: Bijenkorf In-store Session
Bijenkorf In case you're in Amsterdam this weekend, stop by at de Bijenkorf at Dam Square! Blice will perform in-store on Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoon at the MAC Cosmetics stand to celebrate the launch of the new Antonio Lopez collection. Come by for some dancing and shopping!




04/09/2013: It's a wrap!
It's a wrap! After celebrating the summer 8 weeks long with the most beautiful people on earth Blice arrived back in The Netherlands yesterday! It was a great summer with a lot of memorable evenings. BIG shootout to anyone who contributed in any way to this crazy summer…Party People, Club NL Crew, Guest Dj's, people who served food at 7 a.m….THANX THANX THANX!!!


23/08/2013: Summer Tour 2013 Update 2
Club NL Already more than 6 weeks of madness at ClubNL Mallorca are done. And what a hell of a party…Night after night nothing else than crazy party people celebrating their holiday like it was their last. An even more crazy list of guest Dj's visited ClubNL including The Partysquad, Vato Gonzalez & Mc Then, Kenneth G, Yellow Claw, The Flexican, Lady Bee, FeestDjRuud and Biggi. However..The last days of holiday are near for a lot of people which means that the last parties are also near. Just a few days before it's coming to an end. At least at Mallorca…Because Blice's first gigs in the Netherlands are already scheduled for the first weekend of September! Don't forget to check out and add Blice on Facebook for the latest info and updates!



01/08/2013: Summer Tour 2013 Update
Time flies! By now Blice is already a month at Mallorca. Time for a summer party update!
Blice Blice Blice
Blice Blice Blice
Blice Blice Blice

24/06/2013: Summer Tour 2013
Club NLFrom Juli to September Blice will be resident dj at Club NL, Mallorca (SP). Seven days a week you're more than welcome to party with Blice and the Club NL Crew! Besides Blice you'll find the best (dutch) party dj's there including: The Partysquad, Yellow Claw, The Flexican, FeestDjRuud, La Fuente, Lady Bee and much more! More info: https://www.facebook.com/ClubNLMallorca.



25/05/2013: One Hell Of A Blice!
One Hell Of A BliceIt's finally there: One Hell Of A Blice! (The Party Tape)! More than 50 artist and over 1 hour of party tracks all in one mix! Available for free download at: www.djblice.com/ohoab.





20/05/2013: Countdown
Just a few days untill One Hell Of A Blice. Blice's newest party tape. From this friday it will be available for free download at djblice.com. Let the countdown begin!

01/05/2013: One hell of a party tape

The 24st of may Blice's newest party tape will be released: One Hell Of A Blice! More than 50 artists and over one hour of party tracks in one sick mix! It will be available for free download at djblice.com as well as on a limited cd release!

23/01/2013: Sexy, hot, blicelicious…A new track by Blice!

Blice - Need A Girl CoverAre you ready for a new sexy hot MoombahParty track?.. You'd better be! Featuring samples from one of the best classics ever: I Need A Girl Pt. 2 by P. Diddy, Tammy Ruggeri, Ginuwine, Loon and Mario Winans. Add some Moombahton flavor to it and done it is: Blice - I Need A Girl. Download it for free at the download page!



23/01/2013: NYE Pictures and January Schedule

Best Wishes for 2013 everybody! New Years Eve At Joeys, Alkmaar was a blast. Thanx to everyone that came out that evening and partied with me and the Joeys crew. Unfortunately the owner has announced to quit all activities with immediate effect due to declining profits and difficulties with third parties. Of course I'm also very sorry to hear this news but I'm very glad I could contribute to the last parties. Fortunately we still have the pictures. January will be a more quiet month, I'll do less gigs so I can take some rest after this busy but awesome month. However…February is very promising…


Copyright Jan van Dijk Copyright Jan van Dijk Copyright Jan van Dijk
New Years Eve 2012/2013 Joeys, Alkmaar (NL)
Copyright Jan van Dijk.


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